What is Bridge?

Bridge is a card game for four players which is played in pairs. You and your partner are competing against another pair. It is a trick taking game involving Trumps and, as such, is similar to Euchre and Five Hundred. Pairs sit either North/South or East/West at the table. Each player is dealt 13 cards, called a Hand, and each player plays one card in turn. When all four players have played a card it is called a Trick. The objective of the game is to win as many Tricks as possible. Aces are high, two’s are low. Jokers are not used. Before the play there is the Bidding, which is an auction to determine the trump suit. Bridge is a card game which is full of strategy and tactics. It involves logic and probability. It is the only card game which remains interesting when there is no money involved.

Duplicate Bridge

Bridge played in clubs is called Duplicate Bridge. This is because every pair in the room is also competing against every other pair sitting in the same direction, not just the players at their table. The same cards are played at each table, providing the basis to determine the best pair on any Hand. It doesn’t matter what Hand you get. How you handle the Hand you get compared with what other pairs do holding the same Hand determines whether you win or lose at Bridge. Bridge in a club also has a referee, called the Director. The Director runs the Bridge session, resolves disputes and provides the scores at the end of the day.

Why play Bridge?

Because it is fun and it is the ultimate Mind Sport. A game which, once learned, stays with you for life. It is inexpensive to learn. There are no barriers of age, language, economic status or gender. It can be played from the age of eight and is excellent for for developing concentration and problem solving skills. It is the best intellectual exercise out there. You are seeing new situations every few minutes and having to weigh up the loss/gain probabilities. Basic skills can be learned quickly but there is enormous scope throughout a lifetime to develop your game into an incredibly rewarding pastime. It is a game you can never truly master, which makes it all the more compelling. It is also a game where, on occasion, inexperienced players can beat world champions, something which is highly unlikely in tennis or golf. Bridge can be played anywhere there is a pack of cards and four players. It is a great way to meet people and develop friendships, either in a club where you live or travelling throughout the world. It enables partnership aspects of co-operation, communication, trust and patience. You will always be able to find a game somewhere. Click on the video link below to hear what players from around the world think of playing Bridge.

What makes Bridge brilliant video

OK, so how to I learn?

The best way to learn Bridge is by signing up for Beginner classes run by our Club Professional, Andy Hung. Click on the link below to access our current lessons timetable and a contact form.


What happens after I finish the Beginner lessons?

You can choose to join the Club, in which case we will provide you with a Mentor for four sessions to smooth your way into club Bridge at WABC, however, you do not have to immediately join the club to play. You could also continue on with Andy Hung’s Bridge Courses where the natural follow-up to the Beginners course is the “Advanced Beginners” course. In that next course, you will learn a lot more about the bidding as well as play techniques, helping you to become a more confident of a player. Andy also has more follow-on courses after the Advanced Beginners, called Rookies course, then Advanced Rookies course. Most people find completing all of these courses help them improve the quickest, as Andy’s lessons are easy to follow, making new topics easy to understand and digest.

At any stage, you are welcome to play in any of our Supervised sessions. In these sessions you can attend without a partner as we will provide one for you. Playing in these sessions is an excellent way of meeting people and finding a permanent partner. Clicking on the pamphlet below will give you a better idea of what to expect at your first game.

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