Supervised playing sessions are a great way for all novice players to get started. If you have recently been doing beginners lessons or are simply new to playing duplicate bridge at a club, these are the sessions where you can practise and improve your skills. Games are held weekly at the times listed below. There is no need to book and you don’t need a partner; simply come along to the teaching area and you will get a game. Table money is $8 for members, $10 for non-members and $3 for full-time students.

Supervised Play Timetable

Mondays 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm (except Public Holidays). Supervised by Andy Hung. (Table money is $9 for members and $11 for visitors for this session.)

Wednesdays 7.15 pm – 9.30 pm. Supervised by Virginia Seward.

Fridays 9.30 am – 12.15 pm. Supervised by Carla Sullivan.

At the Sessions

Help is available from the Supervisor during the game and you may also consult your notes, Cheat Sheet etc. if you wish. Although you will encounter some players with more experience, the focus and pace of the sessions is suitable for beginners. Any unfamiliar situations that arise can provide a great opportunity to learn and progress in a friendly environment. With a positive outlook you’ll soon shed your trainer wheels!

You and your partner will stay together during the session and play a couple of hands at a table then go on to do the same at successive tables. Note that you needn’t come along with a partner; we can provide one for you. Plan on being able to stay for the duration of the session, although if you must leave a little early it’s usually OK, but please check first with the Supervisor.

North-South look after the scoring and the boards, so new players should sit East-West, taking an interest in the scores that are entered. East-West move the boards at the end of each round.

Once boards have been played a few times it’s worth looking for any trend in the results. Comparing your result with the others is a good way of learning how you are doing, without being super-competitive. Note that all hands are pre-dealt randomly, rather than being set in any way and a printout of all deals is available after the session. The hand records are also uploaded to the Results area of this website. It is useful to keep a personal record of your results as you go along so that you and your partner may discuss your results on the various hands later on.

Other Points

* Count your cards before looking at them.

* If you are to make the opening lead place it face down on the table first.

* If you need an explanation about procedures or if anything goes wrong at your table call the Supervisor.

* Don’t worry about messing things up. Relax!