Andy Hung’s courses are taught in a 6 lesson format. Andy teaches the Standard American system – see here for more information. Contact Andy on 0425 101 094

All courses are in three lesson modules, with a lesson held each week. Except for those marked ‘3 week course’, the standard format is a three lesson series (Book 1) followed immediately by a three week continuation (Book 2). Therefore students may complete six (usually) consecutive lessons in a term if they wish. Book 1 (or equivalent) is usually a pre-requisite for doing Book 2 – if in doubt please enquire. All lessons contain set hands covering the main themes of that lesson and each course includes a full set of notes. Cost of all courses is $60 per 3 lessons (or you can pay for the full 6 lessons upfront if you wish), payable at the first lesson by cash, cheque, electronic transfer or card.


Suitable for players who don’t know one card from another, as well as those who have played before but are inexperienced or just a bit rusty. Logically structured, easy to follow. Includes a free extra practice session each week between lessons. After the course go on to take advantage of the club’s innovative mentoring programme for new members.


Suitable for players (advanced beginners) who have just completed the Beginners course (or have done so in the past), and would like to further their learning and improvement of the game. This course will introduce the deeper understanding of defence, as well as the introduction to bidding conventions! Logically structured, easy to follow.

(3) ROOKIES: Improving Your Bridge****

Suitable for players who have completed the Advanced Beginners course (or have done so in the past), and would like to continue to further improve their learning and understanding of the game. This course will teach play techniques such practicing on counting, as well as introducing new and essential bidding conventions! Logically structured, easy to follow.

(4) ADVANCED ROOKIES: Improving Your Bridge****

Suitable for players who have completed the Rookies course (or have done so in the past), and would like to continue to further improve their learning and understanding of the game. This course will emphasise what was taught in the Rookies course such as practice the Transfer convention, but there will be new techniques being taught such as Signalling on Defence. A new convention called Blackwood will also be taught in one of the lessons! Overall it is a good course to further your bridge (with more practice), whilst learning something new in every lesson. Logically structured, easy to follow.

Training and ‘Mini Supervised’ for ROOKIES: 

A new type of lesson, these sessions are designed to help you gain more experience and confidence by playing hands (with analysis afterwards) with a “mini supervised” format. This is particularly ideal for Rookies/Advanced Rookies players where you cannot commit that long for a regular supervised session, but would like to gain more experience, or even learn a bit about the scoring and how to use the Bridgemate.


The fundamentals of good card play technique clearly explained, with plenty of practice hands. Covers the right way to tackle both no trump and suit contracts plus vital ways of winning extra tricks. Gain a clear understanding of how to approach each hand and play with greater confidence and purpose.


This course lays down the essential foundations for more accurate bidding by recapping the basics then adding more detail and structure. It’s the ideal way to master the meanings of bids in Standard American. The set hands also feature a card play theme each lesson.


A more detailed look at what to lead as well as how to signal to your partner (legally!) plus much more. Do you know when to cover an honour with an honour? Find out!

HOW TO WIN AT DUPLICATE (4 week course)*

Starts with a clear explanation of how duplicate is scored, laying the foundations for understanding the best tactics in bidding, play and defence at duplicate. Learn when and how to be more adventurous and turn those bottoms into tops!


Weak Twos, Jacoby 2NT response, Transfers over 1NT and Fourth Suit Forcing are all essential conventions in the modern game. Find out why and improve your game!


A hands-on course for experienced players. Play 12 guided set hands each week and expand your range of techniques. Make more contracts that are makeable and defeat those that are defeatable. Builds on the foundations of Card Play Essentials and Deadly Defence. Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced.


Modern contested auctions are a minefield. Learn when it is right to compete vigorously and how to lay traps for the opponents, whilst avoiding those they set for you.

MODERN SLAM BIDDING (4 week course)*

Learn how to recognise slam potential and become familiar with the modern slam tools to get you there: Key Card Blackwood, Cue Bidding and Splinter Bids. If you are missing too many slams come and find out why.

EXPERT CARD PLAY (4 week course)*

Techniques that will help you see through the backs of the cards. “Guesses” can become certainties when you analyse all the clues. An advanced course for experienced players only.


**** Usually held every term.

*** Usually held three times per year.

** Usually held twice each year. 

* Usually held once per year.

In addition to the above selection there are also special shorter courses offered from time to time. Details are published on this website.

For the current term’s selection of courses please see Timetable.


Recommended Reading and Software

Andy carries the following selected range. All books are by Paul Marston.

Introduction to Bridge. The industry standard for bridge teachers in Australia.

Cheat Sheet. A handy reference for newer players.

Principles of Card Play. The essentials of card play and defence.

Language of Bidding. The complete Standard American bidding reference.

Jack Computer Program. Multiple World Champion and definitely the best bridge playing program available. Plays all the major systems and conventions – adjust the settings to your liking. Handles random hands expertly and gives sound advice. Version 6.0 now available (Windows only, not Macintosh).